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    Anxiety Therapy

    Anxiety can be a difficult thing to discuss. As a qualified therapist, I understand that many people feel shame when it comes to their anxiety. You are not alone. Millions of people feel the same way you do. At Avant-Garde, we will help you alleviate feelings of self-loathing, and anxiety. The thoughts can often race or run without end but as we slow down that train we understand why it exists and how to manage it in a healthy way.

    Does Extreme Fear & Apprehension Prevent you from Living your Life?

    • Do you find yourself worrying about every minute detail?
    • How often do you think about the worst that can happen?
    • Are your thoughts so intrusive that you have to forcibly stop yourself from thinking them?
    • Do you dread going out in public to crowded places?
    • Are there moments in your life where you feel like the walls are caving in, and you just want to die?

    Anxiety can dramatically affect your day-to-day life. You may find yourself drifting behind on your responsibilities at the office, school, career, relationships, and family. A critical symptom of anxiety is feeling exhausted at the end of the day, but not being able to fall asleep. Racing thoughts can keep you awake at night and impact your ability to wake up on time. When you are deep into the downward spiral of anxiety, you will feel like you are stuck in a haze. Life becomes cloudy, and your perception of reality becomes disconnected. Instead of living life, you will find that life is living you. Do you ever think to yourself that you wish you could feel secure and confident in your own shoes?

    The typical feeling of anxiety brings about a sense that something very bad is going to happen. 


    • When you are lying awake in your bed at night, you may feel like the chances of a break-in are higher than they really are.
    • Before you take an exam, you make feel like you have no chance to pass.
    • When talking to other people, you may begin to think that everyone knows you are a fraud.
    • At work, you may feel like you are only one mistake away from being let go, despite good performance reviews.

    Some of the most detrimental symptoms of anxiety are uncontrollable thoughts that cause you extreme remorse, sadness, fear, or behavioral changes. You may remember a time where you did something embarrassing and become caught in a spiral of one negative thought after the other. Experts commonly reference people experiencing anxiety as being held captive by their past experiences and unable to move forward in their lives. If this sounds familiar, you may be experiencing a form of anxiety.

    Anxiety is actually way more common than you may think 

    Because of the stigma surrounding the word anxiety, many people don’t actually discuss it. However, it is estimated that 1 in 5 citizens in the U.S suffers from anxiety. According to recent Census statistics, that equals approximately 40 million people. When someone is experiencing anxiety, they are typically feeling alienated and disconnected from the group.

    There is a silver lining here; because anxiety is so widespread, it is a subject that has been studied at length. From thousands of clinical studies and psychological testing, it has been proven that you can move past your anxiety and on to a brighter future. By working with a trained, qualified, and professional therapist like Avant-Garde, you will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Lowering your guard is critical to moving past your anxiety 

    For most, suffering from anxiety means that you are vulnerable to social scenarios where others may scrutinize your behavior and actions. It is nearly impossible to feel comfortable if you are not secure with your status around others. With this major uncertainty, even the smallest negativity can feel like a total rejection. In others, this anxiety can manifest itself in the face of performance-related situations. Opportunities like public speaking, large meetings, interviews, and even social gatherings can feel very discomforting. Some individuals may feel completely out of place in all social situations, even those where they should feel relaxed and at ease, like a family dinner or birthday party.

    Anxiety is not limited to adults only. Adolescents and young people may also experience anxiety. This can cause children to turn away from important developmental situations like social interactions, meeting new people at school, and even dating. Anxiety in minors can be even more detrimental than in adults. Minors may experience withdrawal from school activities and interactions. This will cause an adolescent to suffer from extreme worrying over their performance and peer to peer interactions.

    Therapy Will Help You Break Free from Anxiety

    The very common problem of anxiety can be tackled with the help of a licensed therapist.

    Avant-Garde Therapy focuses on using well-researched techniques that are proven. We possess the ability to be flexible, open, and deliver an empathetic approach that is tailored to an individual anxiety treatment for you. We will examine your particular situation and uncover the best way to begin the treatment process.

    No matter if you have been suffering from anxiety for a few weeks or a few years, Avant-Garde can help. Our holistic, personalized techniques will treat your anxiety in a natural way that will prevent it from resurfacing. Our goals are to utilize 1:1 therapy sessions to remove the road-block of anxiety that is preventing you from living your life to the fullest.

    Beat your Anxiety with Unbeatable Methods

    Our 1:1 therapy session will help you to look favorably upon your circumstances. By building an empathetic understanding of how and where anxiety is affecting your life, you will acknowledge specific ways to prevent it. The tools you take away from therapy will continually help you to avoid negative thoughts, situations, and individuals that trigger your anxiety. Engaging with customized tools and exercises that help you stay on target is what makes Avant-Garde so successful. Our approach is based on countless research studies that have shown us the mechanisms needed to break down and eliminate anxiety.

    By following our unique methodology, your thoughts will begin to shift. When you encounter situations that would have previously made you anxious, you will now feel empowered. Immediately, you will notice that the negative thoughts you had in the past were never realistic, and not based on reality.

    Your Anxiety is only Temporary

    We are always available to deliver the healing and therapy sessions you need. If you are interested in eliminating your anxiety, give us a call today.