Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

Your relationship is the rock that holds your life together. When you have problems as a couple, it can be hard to concentrate and focus on anything else. We have all been there. After a fight with your partners, everything else we do is clouded with the overbearing thoughts of rage, anger, or even guilt. It doesn’t have to be this way. Avant-Garde will help you break free from the cycle. Learn more about our Couples Counseling and work through your problems while you still can.

Are you experiencing relationship difficulties in your marriage or partnership?

If so, you are not alone. Take a look at the following questions and honestly answer them to yourself:

  • Has the overall feeling and dynamic of your relationship shifted?
  • Have new priorities such as a child for example shifted each other’s priorities?
  • Do either of you feel like they are handling more of the responsibilities than the other?
  • Do you find yourself thinking about past times in your relationship when things were better?

Being in an unsatisfying relationship can be a painful and very defining moment of your life. The situation will cause your mind to conjure up all sorts of illogical reasoning and false explanations. However, one thing that will be real, is the pain you feel.

There comes a time when the honeymoon period of a relationship has come to an end. This will cause a grand shift in the way you and your partner interact. Healthy relationships mature and begin to express love and commitments in closer, more personal ways. This attempt to grow will change the way things have been done in your relationship thus far. The sudden change may leave you feeling disconnected. Things like arguments and misunderstandings can make you both feel that you don’t care for one other. Overtime, this can cause the feeling of insignificance and under-appreciation for your sacrifices to the family. As you continually find ways to reconnect with your partner, the distance may continue to grow and grow.

Don’t Worry, Relationship Problems Happen to Everyone.

At some point every couple will have to go through an unavoidable turning point in their relationship.  Even the healthiest of couples go through challenges that  test their patience, resolve, and love for one another. It is very possible that relationship problems affect a person’s behavior, career, health, and cause tremendous negativity in your life. This built up stress can eventually lead to depression and constant bickering between the two of you.

Relationships that are experiencing difficulties can sometimes fall into a trap of avoidance. Rarely do we speak of our concerns with family, friends, and our significant other. Extreme instances of infidelity or a lack of sexual desires can cause a couple to grow apart. You can find yourself going through the motions and not really bonding over anything. Eventually, you will both begin to have your own separate lives that will quietly grow larger. At some point, the responsibilities from your private life will outweigh the responsibilities for your family. When this happens, you can be sure that the relationship is nearly over.

The dynamic of an intimate relationship is fragile. I hope you are pleased to hear that a passionate, and emphatic couples therapist can reverse a downward spiral. Acting before it is too late will help empower you to love and care for one anther again.

Couples Counseling Will Revive Your Relationship Back to Full Throttle 

Avant-Garde Therapy has a wide variety of experiences working with all types of couples. At some point, all couples go through a rough patch. By utilizing our extensive experience in the profession, we bring a holistic approach to solve the problems of your relationship. No matter how young or old your relationship may, we will help guide you to achieve a more loving, lasting partnership.

During our therapy sessions, we will  address the needs, wants, and desires of both parties to understand the dynamic of your relationship issues. By partnering with a therapist that acknowledges that you both have separate needs, your sessions will run more smoothly and productively. The philosophy at Avant-Garde Therapy is based on building the strength and confidence needed to identify and discuss the problem areas of your relationship. Once we analyze your past issues and uncover the methods of how you formally solved problems amongst yourselves in the past, our therapist  will provide you with the strength you need to find a solution to your problems.

It is completely natural for you to feel as if you and your partner have drifted in separate ways. If we are being honest, neither of you is the same person that you were when you met. Life’s challenges, family, children, professional lives, etc., have changed both of you into the humans that you are today. Avant-Garde Therapy will help you get a grip on this reality and help address why these challenges may be affecting your relationship.

There must be a sense of perseverance in your spirit. If you believe that your relationship can evolve and grow into something larger, then it can. Our therapy sessions will help you both to realize that you are stronger together. Each of you bring something to the table that the relationship needs. Each of you also must carry a certain level of commitment to saving the relationship. With this information we will break down behavioral techniques and provide “homework,” that will help keep your partnership alive. These techniques include concepts such as listening, sharing, talking to one other, and communicating in deeper, more meaningful ways.

We know that you feel a world apart from your significant other at this moment. With the help of Avant-Garde, both of you will be given the tools to be drawn back closer together. We will develop new perspectives about life and your relationship. Your new perspective and arsenal of relationship tools will change your lives for the better. With a little focus, therapy, commitment, and passion, your lives will never be the same again.

You Can Grow in Your Relationship 

We are always available to deliver the healing, and therapy sessions you need. If you are interested in stimulating true growth in your relationship, give us a call today.