Depression Therapy

Depression Therapy

More and more people are turning to prescription medications to liberate their depression. As humans, our bodies have evolved to protect us from certain situations by seeking comfort that can lead to unhealthy coping skills. An improper balance of coping skills can lead to depression, and physical mental pain. Avant-Garde Therapy will help you manage your bodily reactions and control the physical processes that lead to depression while seeking ways to overcome the root of what triggers the sadness to begin with.

How often do you experience exhaustion, emptiness or a lack of motivation?

  • Do people or activities no longer give you any excitement?
  • Do you get the feeling like your life has no meaning?
  • Are you finding it difficult to fall asleep, stay asleep, and even wake up in the morning?
  • Do you ever experience thoughts about killing, or hurting yourself?

It is quite possible that you feel like your head is in a cloud that you cannot clear. You may be experiencing a deep guilt regarding your past experiences with others or even yourself. Have you found yourself to be angry, agitated, or debilitated by unnerving thoughts that overwhelm you with self-doubt? A telltale sign of depression is if you find it hard to live life with joy, passion, and experience any meaningful emotion. You may not have a feeling of sadness, just an emptiness. Maybe you get flooded with deep despair over simple or minor mistakes. If you have lived this way for some time, this may be normal to you. Eventually you will begin to become so bogged down by reality that even small interactions, or minor tasks may start to feel like major obstacles. Avant-Garde is here to show you that there is a way to get better. If you have ever asked yourself where is it that you can turn to for support, look no further, Avant-Garde is here for you.

You are not alone. Depression is very common

Unfortunately, depression can cause you to become distant from others. Family, friends, & relationships can become a casualty of your depression. When spending time with relatives and loved ones becomes a chore, something is wrong. These are not uncommon symptoms. Millions of Americans suffer from similar situations. Approximately 1 out of 10 people in the United States is going through some form of depression. Those suffering from depression experience very real and distressing side effects. However, others may not know what you’re going through. All too often those suffering from depression withhold the extent of their problems from others. Suffering in silence can only compound your problems and make them worse. You may feel embarrassed, or shy when it comes to expressing how you truly feel.

Depression can be caused by numerous factors. Relationships and past experiences can weigh heavily on your conscious. If you have experienced situations where you feel misunderstood and underappreciated, you may be holding on to repressed feelings that manifest as depression. The light at the end of the tunnel is Avant-Garde Therapy. After we uncover why it is you are feeling a certain way, we will take the proper steps to obtain a permanent change in your life.

Avant-Garde Therapy will help you find that inner peace you have been looking for

We understand that your depression may have been triggered by hurtful experiences. Thoughtful, and well researched techniques will assist in breaking your pattern of negativity. In my personal experience, I have seen many clients become the best version of themselves after addressing their depression head on. Depression can act like a weight that brings you down to the depths of humanity. By discovering what that weight is composed of, Avant-Garde will allow you to find a level of comfort and peace with yourself.

Now that you know why you are depressed; it will be easier to help you make the transition that you seek. Our sessions will serve as the proverbial two-way street where we exchange powerful dialogue that addresses the root of your depression. Avant-Garde Therapy acts as a channel to help you see what has been in front of you this whole time. Only a qualified, and compassionate therapist can help you to acknowledge your feelings as the guide to your salvation. It is all too easy to become numb to the signals that our feelings send us. Listening to our bodies is the fastest way to overcomes many of the physical & mental ailments that plague so many people. Avant-Garde will help you to come to terms with how numb you have become and set you on the path to recovery.

Wouldn’t you feel better if you didn’t view your whole life as being bogged down by depression? No one chooses to be overwhelmed with negativity, and ill-fated thoughts. Sometimes you need a different perspective that will help you to break free from your cycle of harmful thoughts & actions. As they say, “We are truly our own worst enemies”. The human mind is a powerful tool that can deliver ultimate satisfaction or gut-wrenching pain. It is up to you to bring the change that you seek. Avant-Garde will provide you with a comfortable setting to lower your guard and be truthful to yourself. Our process will involve a deep self-discovery that will ultimately be very eye-opening. However, once you begin to see that bringing back the joy and pleasure to your everyday existence is a possibility, life will take on a whole new meaning.

Do you think that therapy is pointless, and will not work for you?

It is a common fact that depression brings about a sense of negativity that permeates all aspects of your life. If you think that you are not a proper candidate for therapy, chances are you will make a great client. The powers of Avant-Garde Therapy are particularly effective on people with little to no experience with therapy sessions. Like most people, natural skepticism is a normal thing. However, only by opening your mind to the possibility that you can change will things begin to change.

A life free of Depression is truly a possibility

Together, we will undergo 1:1 session to that attempt to refresh your creative nature. Most of our clients will notice a transformational difference on the first day. That is the power of Avant-Garde Therapy.

As humans, we all have certain sets of assumptions and beliefs that dictate how we live our lives. These assumptions and beliefs can be standing in the way of our personal goals, and growth. During your 1:1 session, we will upgrade the thoughts and beliefs in your mind to allow for maximum growth.

Live the life you want to live

Imagine yourself as confident and successful in your life. If you can visualize it, you are one step closer to achieving it. Avant-Garde will give you the strength required to reach your desired goals and dreams. You may be experiencing anxiety & depression from:

  • School
  • Work
  • Family
  • Relationships
  • And many other factors

Therapy is just what you need. Allow Avant-Garde to deliver a precise treatment that will lead you down a productive path. All you need is a step in the right direction.

Book your 1:1 session today.

When you arrive for your Breakthrough and Transformational session, come prepared for positive and lasting change. You will walk in as one person, but you will walk out a new and empowered person. I have been helping individuals just like you for many years. If the time has come to enter a new, healthier phase in your life, then book a session today.