Now that you are serious about making a change, it's time to begin. The catalyst for change always begins when you are tired of your current situation. You already know what has been holding you back in your life. You already know the issues that bring sadness to your day. What you don’t know is how to correct them. Only the customized services of a qualified therapist can help bring you peace of mind and satisfaction.  Avant-Garde is here to deliver impactful services geared towards one goal, your true happiness. Be the change that you seek and contact me today!

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist I specialize in treating individuals, couples and families. The comprehensive services of Avant-Garde deal with:

Anxiety therapy

Anxiety can be a difficult thing to discuss. As a qualified therapist, I understand that many people feel shame when it comes to their anxiety. You are not alone. Millions of people feel the same way you do. At Avant-Garde, we will help you alleviate feelings of self-loathing, and anxiety. The thoughts can often race or run without end but as we slow down that train we understand why it exist and how to manage it in a healthy way.

Depression Therapy

More and more people are turning to prescription medications to liberate their depression. As humans, our bodies have evolved to protect us from certain situations by seeking comfort that can lead to unhealthy coping skills. An improper balance of coping skills can lead to depression, and physical mental pain. Avant-Garde Therapy will help you manage your bodily reactions and control the physical processes that lead to depression while seeking ways to overcome the root of what triggers the sadness to begin with.


Couples Counseling

Your relationship is the rock that holds your life together. When you have problems as a couple, it can be hard to concentrate and focus on anything else. We have all been there. After a fight with your partners, everything else we do is clouded with the overbearing thoughts of rage, anger, or even guilt. It doesn’t have to be this way. Avant-Garde will help you break free from the cycle. Learn more about our Couples Counseling and work through your problems while you still can.

Family Therapy

A family that eats together, stays together.I don't mean you have to physically be eating next to each other but Family meals represent the day to day interactions we share with those closest to us. "Family meals" are an important time to bond, reinforce family values, help each other grow, share stores, and genuinely let our guards down. If your family is having a tough time interacting due to a certain situation, you may need therapy. Avant-Garde therapy will get you back on the track to acting as one strong united family unit!

What can you expect from our services?

Simply Stated, Avant-Garde therapy was designed to correct the dynamic and functional operation of your life through creative, and inspirational therapy. Nothing makes me more happy than to see someone find happiness from an issue that has affected them so negatively. We all deserve a slice of happiness. If you are struggling to find yours, let someone help you. As a licensed therapist, I have much experiences in dealing with situations from across the spectrum. You may find it refreshing to know that often times we think our problems leave us isolated or alone, when in reality someone else has suffered the same things, and managed to overcome it.

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