Myself, Unplugged

Myself, Unplugged

I believe everyone has a story. My story began as a young Panamanian-American child who was inquisitive about the world and the impact I would have on the lives of people around me.  My natural curiosity has allowed me to develop a wide range of skills in a world of endless possibilities. I have experiences ranging from musical instruments to bonsai cultivation. I have an extensive background in the arts, primarily focused in dance and acrobatics. I enjoy performing magic tricks and love puzzles, while always finding myself connected to the cultures each new journey provides.

Some cultures are rooted in location and geography while others in rebellion and expression. Recognizing this, I decided to expand my reach both inwards and outwards to connect to myself as well as to others. I have had the great honor of learning that through activity, communication, and shared life events, people can motivate and spark inspiration in each other to reach amazing new places, both physically and emotionally. I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity to hear your story, be a part of it, and journey with you as you flourish and begin tapping into the life you truly deserve for yourself.

It is one of my core beliefs that the value of my life will be reflected by my impact on other lives. Realizing our potential starts with a spark of inspiration.  Let me help you explore your potential through your inspiration.

I can’t wait to meet you!  You shouldn’t either!

(Please enjoy this sneak peek into my collegiate years during my time at Nova Southeastern University.)