Me Unplugged

I think everyone has a story. I find myself in my office turning off the lights and feeling that now I am myself. Not a job… Not a doing…. But a human being. I think all of us have a version of ourselves after we’ve done what we need to do and we are who we want to be. I want you to know this about myself. That I too want to connect. When we take a break from social media, electronic devices, and many times our “day to day” life.

What were really doing is trying to reconnect with something deeper and more profound. The act of disconnecting or becoming unplugged in some ways connects us on a deeper more meaningful level.


Soooo this is me unplugged…


Once again, my name is Fernando Campos Torres …the third to be exact. I’m a little bit more specific this time because I believe there is beauty in small details. The fact that my great-grandfather chose the name that my predecessors decided to keep and pass to me in many ways connects me to a time before myself. It also leads me to thinking about the time after myself. What kind of legacy will I have? What kind of effect will have on those around me? How can I impact those that I will never meet? These are the ramblings very small Panamanian American child who realized the value of his life would be reflected on his impact on other lives. To share this core value of mine with you is the beginning me. That being said my natural curiosity led me across various cultures both regional and philosophical.

My tendency to explore led me to attempting to solve a Rubix cube on my own at very young age. Being successful I turned my attention to anything I felt I could grasp and found a world of possibilities, skills, and connections ranging from musical instruments to bonsai cultivation. I’ve a large background in the arts primarily dance/acrobatics. I do magic tricks and love puzzles while always finding myself connected to the cultures each new journey provides.

Some cultures are rooted in location and geography while others in rebellion and expression. Recognizing this I decided to expand my reach both outwards and inwards to connect to myself as well as others. I have had the great honor of learning that through activity, communication and shared life events people can motivate and spark inspiration in each other to reach amazing new places both physically and emotionally. I absolutely am grateful for the opportunity to hear your story, be a part of it, and journey with you as you flourish and begin tapping into the life you truly deserve for yourself.

I can’t wait!!!


You shouldn’t either.

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