Specialized Therapy is an effective way of changing undesirable addictions, anxiety, depression, mental health, both family & personal relationships. My therapeutic approach was designed to help you undergo real change in your life. By discovering the underlying issues causing your specific problems, we can tailor our sessions to your individual needs.

Additional benefits of Therapy include:

Together We Can Tackle What's Holding You Back

Destructive behavioral patterns can be the product of past experiences, family influences, peer pressure, and other traumas experienced throughout your life. These combined experiences makeup who you are as a person. Avant-Garde Therapy is centered around a creative, inspirational approach that is designed to show you the value of your past experiences and how they can make you a better person. Our sessions will spark a creativity that will allow you to take a fresh approach on life.

In our Therapy sessions, we help clients acknowledge their true potential and the motivations they have for change. Only after bringing your deeply hidden beliefs to the surface, can we begin to break them down and improve your life. As we undergo our sessions, you will begin to notice an increase in your self-esteem, better control over your habits, healthier relationships with your family, friends, colleagues, and much more. Ultimately, the goal is to help you become the best you that you can be!

All of our clients come into the clinic for varied reasons. Some have tried other forms of treatment; some are taking prescription medications and want to stop. However, all clients that walk through our doors are serious about making a change. This is all you need as a client of Avant-Garde Therapy. With the right Therapist, you will discover effective and empowering tools to change your life for the better. I believe in delivering clients powerful treatments that enable them to dive deep within into their perceptions and access their own inner strengths.

Why choose Avant-Garde Therapy?

Therapeutic sessions have been extensively studied as an incredibly powerful way to transform lives. If you have been looking for a solution to overcome fears, phobias, anxieties, addictions, and even issues like depression and weight gain, then look no further.

Avant-Garde hopes to give you the strength to replace your old and harmful habits, with new and self-loving habits. You will find that many different forms of Therapy exist. However, specialized, custom-tailored therapy is proven to have the highest rates of success among all other forms of therapy. Once you have undergone a 1:1 session with Avant-Garde Therapy, you will find yourself living a more content & happier life free from the barriers of your underlying beliefs.

How does Avant-Garde Therapy work?

Our Therapy sessions are distinctly different from what you may have seen on tv. The term therapy refers to the tool that a therapist will use to bring forth hidden truths that you were unaware of. While involved in our 1:1 therapy session, I will be able bring out things that are affecting you that you may have been unaware of. Depending on what your intended objective is, therapy can be an incredibly powerful strategy for alleviating many imbalances, struggles, habits, & harmful beliefs that you are harboring.

As your counselor, from the very beginning of your session, I will provide you with accurate information that will put you at ease with the process. Forget about the overly dramatic picture of therapy painted by Hollywood. Our sessions will be geared to solving real world crisis, and delivering a real world, tangible impact.

What to expect from an Avant-Garde Therapy session?

In the beginning, we will work to uncover how your past has shaped your current perception of reality. You can expect that you will come to peace with any trauma’s that you have been holding onto for years. Any debilitating thoughts that cause you depression, anxiety, relationship problems, etc., will disappear. As you come back from your therapy session the change will be instant. That is the power of Avant-Garde Therapy.

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